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Sydney Observatory Third Dome

Client: Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
Location: Millers Point NSW

This is a free standing dome building located adjacent to the main pedestrian path leading to the Observatory Building. The design utilises an existing copper dome that was previously located as part of a dome building in a similar location.

The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences re-instated the Third Observatory Dome of the Sydney Observatory to its original location to the south east of the main building. The Museum has stored the original copper dome off site for a number of years and now forms part of a new building with a glass/steel entry enclosure that is sympathic to the existing heritage listed main building and surroundings. The new building has a ground level entry that allows members of the public with accessibility issues to use the dome building's telescope and view the night skies.

This new building also houses a state of the art purpose building telescope with articulated eyepiece specifically for wheelchair access. In addition a small interpretive display about the Third Dome and site was installed. Associated works are also included.

(Alex Donnini Photography/Douglas Frost Photography)