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Quakers Hill Nursing Home

Client: Opal Aged Care
Location: Quakers Hill NSW

This modern two storey aged care facility was designed to support a range of service levels, encompassing low and high dependency care and dementia related care. This superior aged care building comprises of 127 high care resident beds including a mix of 1 and 2 bed resident rooms with ensuite. It houses 79 single bedrooms, 24 double bedrooms and a dedicated specialist wing for 16 residents living with dementia. The sitting and dining areas are designed to have good access to light and sun. This facility also has a minimum of 34 car spaces and one ambulance bay.

The construction of this new building has the most advanced fire prevention devices in NSW incorporating fire sprinklers, smoke alarms and fire panels. Due to the original home being destroyed by fire in 2011, a memorial garden dedicated to the fire’s victims was also constructed.