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Lawson Amenities

Client: Blue Mountains City Council
Location: Lawson NSW

The construction of the public toilets in the Lawson Town Centre by Zadro Constructions is conveniently located at the front of the Mid Mountains Community Centre.

The public toilets, designed by local consultant, ECO Design Architects feature solar panels and underground water tanks in the interests of energy and water efficiency. The external facade consist of concrete filled block work with ochre coloured bag render. The roof structure is a curved roof from structural steel framing with the columns concrete encased in an elliptic shape. The toilet systems runs completely from rainwater re-use, caught from the roof and stored in 2 underground holding tanks. The design for the amenities incorporates rainwater harvesting using underground water tanks, energy efficiency using solar PV cells and a "raingarden" which will be watered using the hand basin run off.

Blue Mountains City Council worked with the local community in the process to determine the preferred location of the public toilets and their design. The end result is a high quality facility for Lawson.