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Gill Waminda Aged Care Facility

Client: Salvation Army
Contract: Construction - Lump Sum
Location: Goulburn NSW

The Gill Waminda Aged Care Facility is located on the edge of the Goulburn CBD, the award winning facility consists of 105 beds both of high and low care and each serviced with its own ensuite. It is built within an existing Salvation Army facility. It has 4 buildings that are well spread out and are integrated with links and covered ways, its 2 lifts conveniently move residents  between levels and the other provides food and clean laundry.

A number of unique features have been built into the facility to accommodate the dry Goulburn  climate - 3 retention tanks, originally designed to ebb stormwater flow are now utilised to store water and piped through the plumbing system to flush the high number of WC pans. Another feature is the re-design of the landscaping to reduce turf and planted areas and replacing the areas with locally quarried pebbles of different colours.